Narcotics-Related Police Chase

Last Friday, the Brockton, MA area experienced an unfortunate and tragic event due the illegal activity of one person.  Police made efforts to stop a car in Brockton on Friday afternoon, but when they attempted to approach the vehicle, the man sped away and caused what would then be a deadly police chase.  The chase ended in an eight car pile-up, leaving one woman dead and several others sent to the hospital for minor to major injuries.  Police eventually caught the man who had then tried to escape after the accident, and they released a statement that confirmed the incident was narcotics related.  It is unfortunate to see that many innocent victims had to suffer the consequences of one guilty man, but that is often times what happens in drug and narcotic cases.  It is for this reason that it is important to have the best legal defense on your side should you be involved in a situation like this one.  Attorney Krowski is known for his established record in the Criminal Defense field and drugs/narcotics cases and auto accidents are two of the areas he practices.  While we all hope that these incidents never happen, it is the harsh reality that some time or another they will occur.  Be sure to use your resources and contact the best legal defense available in the Greater Boston, MA area.

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