Unlawful Possessions

Recent news broke in Brockton, MA regarding the search of an apartment and the discovery of AK-47’s as well as illegal drugs by police and FBI officials.  After an ongoing investigation, a search warrant was obtained to enter this particular apartment and search for weapons that were believed to be possessed illegally.  While discovering the guns, police also found numerous bags of heroin on another individual that was there during the time of the search.

While these individuals were obviously guilty of the crimes at hand, other people do find themselves in situations where they are accused of a criminal offense that they did not actually commit.  The Law Office of Joseph F. Krowski strives to help these people each and every day.  We understand that circumstances occur that can put you in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you can simply be accused by someone else who is in fact the guilty party.  Drugs, Robbery, White Collar Crime or any other serious criminal felony: Joseph Krowski is a top Boston, MA attorney that has a proven record of criminal defense success and will help protect your rights.

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